5 amazing desert holiday destination

A trip to the desert is probably not a good idea to be a place to travel to, but there are absolutely lovely desert places that everyone can enjoy that offers many activities and perks of the outdoors. Here are 5 amazing desert destinations for you next holiday trip. This post is shared by Rajputana Desert Resort in Jaisalmer.

1. Jaisalmer


It is quite unexpected to some when they realize that India also has its fair share of desert. Everyone will ultimately answer Camel Desert Safari when asked what the interesting things to do in Jaisalmer area. Most of the time, tourists who go to Jaisalmer visits the desert area of the place, tourists find the area as a very unique getaway from a country which is infiltrated with havelis and temples.

There are lots of things to do in Jaisalmer desert which can be seen in other similar tourist destinations like camel rides, all terrain vehicle and 4×4 ride; but what it differs from others is the cultural experience of the place that surmounts from the sandy desert to the beautiful ancient architectures that can be a pathway while doing an excursion. Suggest one is Royal Desert Camp and ours Rajputana Desert Tent in Sam Jaisalmer.

2. Egypt

Egypt desert

Egypt is a country that is partly in the Sahara Desert. Sahara Desert is the well known desert worldwide, which is why traveling to Egypt is absolutely an exhilarating fantasy for a person who loves adventure and extremes. Sahara Desert tour will obviously leave anyone at awe because of the numerous activities it offers like ATV or All Terrain Vehicle ride, Camel ride, 4 by 4 rides which can be scary sometimes because of the driver’s unreal driving skills. Enjoy the finest sand of Egypt especially at night when tour operators serve tea with Arabian dancers dancing at the center. Rock formations will leave anyone amazed too!

3. Dubai


Known for its high rise buildings and good business environment, Dubai has gained popularity globally. Not only that, Dubai is also starting to magnet a lot of international tourists because of its impressive five star hotels, wonderful Arabian heritage parks, and newly established tourist destinations. At the moment, Dubai is known for its desert safaris which are enjoyed by many expatriates and travelers alike. Just like in Egpt and Jaisalmer, they also offer camel safaris as well as a night stay at a camp with local food and dances in a festive vibe.

4. Israel

More than half of Israel’s land area is the Nagev Desert which is an area that is sparingly populated. Tourism in the Nagev Desert is starting to develop. Many people like to travel the desert by foot, others on bicycles that can be rented at a nearby rent shop. Others however like to ride all terrain vehicles because it can go to the rugged edges of the desert. People who just love the splendor of natural beauty, would also love Nagev Desert of Israel for its impressive archaeological sites and springs.

5. Tabernas Desert, Spain

The Tabernas Desert is part of Europe’s driest land area. Rainfall is at minimal in this place so expect that it is always sunny and dry. Like the desert in Israel, Spain’s Tabernas Desert is also very rocky and mountainous and is said to be a semi-desert. Tabernas Desert is not all sandy; it has rock formations which can thrill adventure seekers who love hiking on high altitude. The desert has interesting wildlife on its protected area of more than 250 square kilometers such as ladder snake, ocellated lizard, Bonelli’s eagle, and sea lavender. Tabernas desert will tickle the fancy of someone who love animals and plants.

List of 5 awesome resorts with pool which are pocket friendly

Beating the scorching heat is really a task. But what can be more enjoyable than spending your summer holidays, partying around a cool pool with your friends or family. Are the words “costly” and “out of reach” going on in your mind? Worry not since there are lots of resorts in India that offer nice packages at a fair price. Here is a list of 5 awesome resorts with pool which are pocket friendly and will give you a complete value for money.

La Premier Spa & Resort Hotel, Jaipur

La Premier Hotel in Jaipur

A perfect weekend destination, this resort hotel is popular among tourists because of its excellent service, staff and is thus rated as one of the most popular 3 star hotels in jaipur with swimming pool. It has a separate zone for swimming pool where you can organize any kind of party with any theme. There is also a separate bar zone where you can enjoy the cocktails and drinks, without any inhibition. Well-maintained and clean, the garden view is an added advantage that will help you relax and be at peace. Enjoyment, relaxation and revelry; everything is on offer. You only have to choose and you are good to go. View more info on this link.

Hans Resort, Rewari, Near Delhi

If the corporate life and routine are keeping you on tenterhooks, it is time to unwind and Hans Resort offers a fantastic option. The royal treatment is sure to strike a chord in your heart and the cool pool with plush surroundings will give you all the solitary moments that your heart has been yearning for so long. The clean water and the open sky have a secure-yet-carefree charm about themselves. The staff is always ready to attend upon you and you can unwind at your own pace.

Kikar Lodge Nature Retreat, Nurpur Bedi, Ropar

A luxury resort with scenic surroundings, the Kikar Lodg Nature Retreat is truly an oasis of bliss and peace. Offering spa, steam baths and tailor made therapies, it is just the right place to be at when you want your mind and body to go on a meditation tour. The lovely pools with emerald waters and lush greenery around let you sit and soak in the riches of nature, to your heart’s content. The pool view rooms are perfect if you want more of water bodies.

Della Resorts & Villas, Lonavala

This is a resort where you can do all sorts of things. Partying, wedding, solo relaxation; nothing is off limits. The huge array of facilities make sure that you get exactly what you have come seeking. The nice swimming pool with lounge bar lets you enjoy the way you like, with delicious snacks and beverages. Just sit, chat and relax. Tranquil and entertaining, the pool is perfect for you.

Pearline Beach Resort, Dahanu

Good food, fine service and nice hosts. These words best sum up Pearline Beach Resort. Located near the sea beach, it is very well-maintained with a large pool inside where you can relax and enjoy with your family or friends. The clean water is safe to swim in and you can enjoy without any obstruction. It is like a home away from home where you feel cozy and comfortable throughout your stay.

A trip to some amazing National Highways in India

National Higway 7

Are you aware of the fact that the National Highways in India are considered as the life line of road communication in India? In fact the National Highways are those expressways that connect the cities and the rural villages within the country in the same thread. The network of National Highways are maintained and also managed by the Indian Government.

Such is the popularity of the National Highways that they are quickly becoming very popular as tourist destinations as well which are prompting several hospitality businesses to run their resorts on these highways. If you are a traveler at heart, why don’t you do something entirely out of the box this summer while planning your vacation? How about exploring the various National Highways in India?

 If you like the idea, here is a quick guide that covers some interesting facts about the different National Highways in India. Read on to know more and plan your next holiday that can bring you a huge adrenaline rush.

The busiest highway in India- National Highway 8

National Highway 8

National Highway 8

The National Highway 8 is 90 km long and has 6 lanes between Delhi and Jaipur. This is not only the busiest highway in India and the subcontinent but is also one of the best in the country. This highway connects the capital city of Delhi with the financial capital of India, Mumbai.

When you travel through this marvelous highway, you can enjoy the vast scenery that comes across. You can also make your stops at some of the most popular tourist destinations that fall along this highway.

Some such destinations are Alwar which is known for its vast Olive plantation and also the dessert Kalakhand, Jaipur, the pink city doesn’t really need any introduction and also Sariska which is known for its major tiger reserve and wildlife sanctuary. Also our resort name La Premier is near Jaipur Delhi Highway which is quite popular among people looking for wedding resorts in pink city.

Longest National Highway in India- NH 7 covering Varanasi to Kanyakumari

National Higway 7

National Highway 7

The National Highway has been renamed as National Highway 44 recently and it is one of the major networks of road that connects North and South of India. This is the longest highway in the country and runs across six states and is connected to some of the major Indian cities like Varanasi, Hyderabad, Nagpur, Madurai and Bangalore.

If you plan to explore the longest highway in India, there is a lot of stopover places that you can stay put to. For instance, in Bangalore, you can stop over at the Fantasy Golf Resort. In Varanasi, there is Hotel Surabhi International where you can stay put. Similarly, for all other Indian states that this highway covers, there are numerous resorts with excellent quality food and service that are ready to serve you with complete dedication.

The shortest national highway- National Highway 47A

National Highway 47A

National Highway 47A

Just like NH7 is the longest of the National Highways in India, the NH 47A is the shortest in the road network of the country. It covers a distance of only 6 km and connects Willingdon Island in Kochi with Kundannor in Kerala.

If you are planning for a quick trip to Kerala, you might travel on this NH 47A and can relax for a day or night at the Crown Plaza Kochi in Kundannor.

Haunted Highway in India- NH 33 in Jharkhand

NH 33 Jharkhand

NH 33 Jharkhand

The National Highway 33 in Jharkhand that connects Bahri in Hazaribagh district to Baharagora in East Singhbhum district is considered as the haunted highway of India.

According to the frequent travelers of NH 33, neither safe driving tips nor ardent prayers to the Almighty help in saving lives on this stretch of highway. People while traveling from Ranchi, make sure to stop by for a quick prayer at the Taimara Ghati Hanuman and Kali Temple. Similarly people traveling from Jamshedpur do the same at the Van Devi Temple to ensure that the trip on NH 33 is a safe and life saving one.

You might not be aware that this highway is also hit by the Maoist rebels frequently and thus people are afraid of traveling on this highway especially after the sunset. This highway is probably the only one in India where the number of fatal accidents is extremely high. It is needless to mention that there are no resorts or hotels in this area as people are fearful of the ghosts and feel that their prayers do not work.

If you are courageous enough and would want to check out the haunted highway for yourself, you can do so at your own risk. However don’t forget that it is here that you read and learnt about the haunted highway!

5 Amazing Airports In India by Vinnay from Delhi

Being a home to over 1 billion residents and with one of the biggest booms in aviation industry, India alone has managed to build over 15 international airports. These amazing airports have over the years continued to connect this popular nation with the rest of world. The following are 5 amazing airports in India. They are not only some of the busiest airport in the world, but they are also on the world map and for the right reasons.

1. Delhi Airport

New Delhi Airport

New Delhi Airport

Probably one of the biggest in the county, Delhi airport has and will continue to make news for all the right reasons. Not only is it located right at the heart of the nation’s capital, but is also one the busiest when it comes to both international and local passenger traffic. With the construction of emergency new terminal 3 and currently capable of handling over 46 million passengers annually, this airport has become one of the most important aviation hubs in the county and a darling to millions and millions of holiday makers who visit this amazing county every single year.

Now in New Delhi I have noticed that quite some few amazing hotels and resorts have opened because of increase in demand of Airport Hotel. So if you are looking for some amazing hotels near Delhi Airport then check our Pitrashish Pride and ISIS Apartment. Plus I personaly look for hotels in Udyog Vihar Gurgaon so I can tell by experience that Pitrashish Pride is a good hotel which is very close to Udyog Vihar.

2. Mumbai Airport

In terms of overall and international passenger traffic, Mumbai airport is currently one of the most talked about airports all over the world. With 5 operating terminals and magnificently spread over 4800 acres, there is no Mumbai airport was not going to make to the list of 5 amazing airport in India. It actually comes second behind Delhi airport when you talk of some of the best services an airport can offer.

Some amazing resorts which you should book near Mumbai airport are Royal Garden Resort and Paradise Village resort. And yes prefer resorts instead of hotel if you are in Mumbai.

3. Bangalore Airport

Bangalore Hotel

Bangalore Hotel

In terms of passenger traffic both local and international, Bangalore is ranked the fourth busiest airport in India. In 2011 alone, this airport was awarded India’s Best Airport by a survey that was conducted by Skytrax. Bangalore airport is one of the 5 amazing airports in India.

Some Airport hotels which you should look are Hyatt Bangalore on MG Road and Komfort Terraces Hotel.

4. Hyderabad Airport

Better known as Rajiv Gandhi, this airport is actually the second airport to be built on a pubic-private partnership. At one time, its name was featured in the annual Airport Service Quality passenger survey. After all, with capabilities of handling over 5 million passengers yearly, this airport has become noticeable all over the world.

Some good hotels which you can book near Hyderabad airport are Hyatt Hyderabad which is my favorite and Hyderabad Marriott Hotel which is also an amazing place to book a room.

5. Kolkata Airport

Kolkata Airport

Kolkata Airport

This amazing airport is currently one of the largest airports located in the eastern part of India. In terms of passenger traffic, this airport is the fifth busiest airports in the whole on India. It does not even stop there; from 2006 to 2013, Kolkata was the ninth busiest when it came to international passenger traffic.

Some good hotels which you can book near Kolkata airport are Swissotel Kolkata and Airport City Hotel.

Top destinations to do shopping in New Delhi

New Delhi is the 2nd most populated city in the world after Tokyo and this city is full with people who love to travel, eat and shopping. So today we decided to share a nice post for the third category which are also known as “Shopaholics”

When you talk about shopping destinations in Delhi then we have more than 2 dozens of popular destinations but I would love to suggest only 4 of them which I visited last year on my trip to New Delhi. They are.

Connaught Place


It is among the best shopping destinations for travelers and this place has variety of stores, emporia, restaurants, movies and malls. For cheaper apparel and jewelry there is Janpath market and for luxury ones you have main Bungalow Sectors and Jawhar Bhavan which are hub for Indian handcraft.

On Baba Kharak Singh Marg, you could buy Kashmiri Shawls, carpets, artwork, and gemstones and just next to it there is Palika Bazaar which is another area you could find best for shopping. However, the area is good for digital products, grocery, and cloths.

Like Janpath, the prices are low compared to branded manufacturers. If you like flea market, you could visit Chor Bazaar. However, make sure you buy quality product. The Connaught Place or CP as local calls it, remains closed on weekend.

M Block Market Greater Kailash

M Block Greater Kailash Market

This market was developed in 1970s as part of Greater Kailash I known for M Block market and N Block Market. Now M Block is popular among the young people as it is full of fast-snack stands, kiosks, and retail outlets and if you like branded clothing then you have Benetton, Esprit, Sisley, Reebok, and Giovanni.

For Indian ethnic wear, L’Affaire is popular line of clothing. It is great place to shop for traditional jeweller with names like Hazoorilal and Rakyan. Place looks seductive during night and even if you simply go for a walk, you will end up buying one or two things.

Plus if you want to explore all these destination with your loce one then check out this post on hangout places in delhi for couples

Delhi Haat, INA

INA Market is located near AIIMS on Sri Aurobindo Marg, which was developed in 1994. Delhi Haat is popular for shopping and fast food and you will find almost all kind of fast food of India under one roof.

With so many craft stall, you have variety of items from clothes to furniture to choose from. You could find handicrafts carved out of sandalwood, and rosewood and could also buy metal artwork made out of brass, steel etc.

Every fifteen days the craft stalls change depending on the registration with D C handicraft. Most tourists, especially international tourists, love to shop in Delhi Haat.

Chandni Chowk

One of the oldest market in Delhi that has been around for three centuries is Chandni Chowk. Merchants from china, Turkey and Europe once visited the market. Heart of this market is jewelry, clothes and food.

You could go to Dariba Kalan for jewelries made from gold, silver, and pearl and for spice lovers, Khari Baoli is must. Zari and Zardozi trimmed work could be found in Kinari Bazaar. For good quality clothes, go to Katra Neel Bazaar. You could buy clothes made out of silks, satin, cotton, muslin, and crepe. Moti Bazaar is another area famous for quality shawls and pearls.

And that’s it. If you like my post then do share it… till then keep travelling and shopping.

Top Exotic Tourist Destinations in Rajasthan

Hawa Mahal at Jaipur

Rajasthan is the land of maharajas, which is one of the most well-liked tourist destinations in India. If you are thinking for vacations in the beautiful state, then you must aware of best places to visit in Rajasthan.

There are top 5 best destinations to visit in Rajasthan:

Hawa  Mahal

Hawa Mahal at Jaipur

Hawa Mahal” is the best of the famous visitor attractions which is situated in the heart of Jaipur. This gorgeous 5-storey palace rises 50 feet from its base which was built in 1799 by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh.

The peak 3 floors of the construction have a measurement of 1 room width while the first and 2nd floors have patios in face of them. The upper two floors of the Hawa Mahal are obtained through ramps. This Mahal is keep up by the archaeological Department of Rajasthan Government.

Gadisar Lake

Gadisar Lake at Jaisalmer

Gadisar Lake is a reservoir made by man who is earliest ruler of Jaisalmer named Raja Rawal Jaisal. In the historic days, this lake was the single supply of water for the city. The nearby banks are creatively engraved by Chattris, Temples and Ghats. Lake is built by Maharwal Gadsi Singh in 1400 A D.

When afternoon sunlight transforms into supple blond light to Gadisar lake it looks so beautiful. While people of the city come and rest on enclosed Ghats, then view hi awesome here. Plus do book jaisalmer desert camps as they offer the best village life of Jaisalmer and city hotels can’t.

Taj Lake Palace Udaipur

Taj Lake Palace Udaipur
The Udaipur Taj Lake Palace is one of the dreamiest hotels in the world. It’s a supernatural 250year older white marble & mosaic summer palace, situated in the center of Lake Pichola. Initially, this Palace was well known as Jag Niwas after the name of the Maharana. In the current era, it is famous by the name of Lake Palace. The fantastic construction of the Lake Palace will drive shivers down your spine.

This Lake Palace has a sequence of courtyards which are united with several columns, stunning fountains, and large terraces and as well as laid beautiful gardens. It also includes several rooms which are named as Bada Mahal, Khush Mahal, Phool Maha, Dhola Mahal and Ajjan Niwas that put in to the loveliness of elegant palace. These striking rooms are decorated with engraved arches, beautiful crystal work, marked glass work, paintings, and interior stones of pink and green lotus leaves.

Now lets talk about some destinations in Jaipur which one can explore and I will suggest you all to book jaipur local sightseeing packages from R-Cabs.

Chokhi dhani jaipur

 choki dhani

Chokhi Dhani is a 5 star cultural village Resort in Jaipur illustrate the prosperous tradition of Rajasthan. This delicately planned resort provides all the contemporary services and facilities. For housing, Choki Dhani provides large and well-decked Double tenancy Cottages, Haveli Suites and best & Royal Cottages for tourists.

Resort has versatile halls, specifically Mandani, Sajjan Goth, Runjhun and Mahal Chowk which have changeable Seating space capacities. Office services and business centre are the services which are provided for commercial travelers. For holiday travelers, this resort has entertaining services like Sansha Spa & Health Club, clean swimming pool, gym and ladies beauty parlour.

Jaigarh Fort


Jaigarh Fort is one of the largest and fully maintained forts in Rajasthan. It was formerly built to defend Amer Palace, it is associated to Amer Palace with top secret Tunnels which are unlock for visitors.

Jaigarh Fort is about 15km from Jaipur and max 1.5km from Amer Palace. This Fort is 602m over the sea level. Important thing of these Hill forts are – Parvata Durg & Jaigarh Fort both are built on Cheel ka teela hill which is bordered by beautiful Aravali Hills.

So don’t miss the classic views of top 5 Destinations in Rajasthan! Be there and enjoy best moments with Rajasthan most beautiful places.

4 affordable romantic retreats for couples

  1.  The Bora-Bora in French, Polynesia

I have seen many places but this one of a absolutely seductive. The Bora Bora is situated in the French Polynesia and is at the peak of a mountain name Otemanu. The marine life view from here is simply amazing and I believe that it is one of the best couple retreat on the world. This it is at number 1 in my list of top 5 affordable romantic retreats for couples.

Bora-Bora, French Polynesia

Bora-Bora, French Polynesia

Bora-Bora has a power of seduction for couples and thus this place is filled with love-birds. Travel + has awarded this Bora-Bora as the no 1 Island for romantic couples so you must visit this with your special one.

  1.  Capri, Italy

Capri is a small and beautiful Island in Italy which is a perfect destination for romantic couples. This place has some of the best hotels waiting to serve love birds and the sight here will force you to say I love you. This place has some amazing luxury villa and thus its not a suitable places for low budget couples. You need to have a strong pocket if you want to have a glass of wive with your wife in Capri, Italy.

The beach also have a small rail route which will drop you in some small villages. These villages are filled with amazing people and more over this place offer some privacy. And because of all of this Capri, Italy is 2nd in my list.

Also have a look at this New Delhi option which is the  best and safe hotels for couples in Delhi.

  1. The Wildflower Hall, Shimla

Many travellers have described Wildflower Hall Shimla as a place of “Fairytale” and I certainly agree with that. Shimla in itself is a couple gateway and in India there aren’t many places like these. So keeping this thought in mind The Wildflower Hall, Shimla team opened this resort to target love birds.

Today The Wildflower Hall, Shimla is one of the most breathtaking destination for married couples who are looking for honeymoon resorts. The suitation is the plus point for the resort team as they are situated in lush green mountain valley filled with beautiful flowers. Moreover this is a heritage resort so it brings a taste of story tale in it. In my view this is an amazing places and you must visit it.

  1.  Sawai Madhopur Lodge

Rajasthan is a land of war and love and I won’t be a good writer if I don’t mention Sawai Madhopur Lodge in my pot. This is a 70 year old lodge which was once used a hunting holiday for Rajasthan Royalty. Today this lodge comes under the famous Taj Hotels Group which have turned this Hunting lodge into a couple retreat.

The location is the plus point for this place as its just 20 mins from National park and the service here is a mixture of Taj groupl and royal Rajasthan culture, I will give 5 stars to this amazing lodge.

Zuri White Sands, Goa Resort & Casino

Zuri White Sands, Goa Resort & Casino

So I sai 5 but I just mentioned 4. So now you decide the 5th one and mention that in comments. Also have a look at this post – http://www.cntraveller.in/story/india-s-20-most-romantic-resorts

Top 3 destinations to book hotels in New Delhi

New Delhi is the capital of India which is the 2nd most populated country in India. With this India is also a big market for global business and corporates. So to help all those business travellers who visit delhi and are looking for hotel accommodation in Delhi I have a small list for you.

1. Greater Kailash

Greater kailash

Greater Kaialash is in South delhi and there are many cheap hotels in greater kailash which one can book. One can get a room in GK part 2 for as low as INR 2000 which included complimentary breakfast and parking. My suggestion will be to book a hotel in GK which even offer complimentary wi-fi connection.

2. Karol Bagh

Karol bagh

After New Delhi histed Asian games in 80’s Karol bagh became a favourite destination to open a hotel and today this part of New Delhi has more than 1000 hotels and one can book a hotel in Karol bagh for as low as INR 1000 but don’t expect complimentary parking in this part of the city.

3. Paharganj


This is one of the oldest destination in Delhi famous for budget and cheap hotels. One can book a domitery for as low as INR 400 and the best part of Paharganj hotels in that they are the closest ones to Railway station. But if you are looking for quality hotels in Delhi than don’t even bother to visit Paharganj.

Finally I will say that prefer Greater Kailash as its in South Delhi and has open roads, luxury accommodation in budget and its not too far from railway station and airport.

Best tourist places to visit in New Delhi

Red Fort Nw Delhi

New Delhi is a 1000 year old historic city in the world and offers some of the best tourist places to visit. In the southern part of the city you can find some amazing attractions like Lotus temple, Qutub Minar, Lodhi garden etc and then we have the old Delhi which has the famous Jama Masjid, Sikh gurdwara and Gauri Shankar temple.

So to under stand the tourist places of Delhi we have divided the city in some regions. They are:

1. Old Delhi

The old Delhi part consist of Destinations like Red Fort where the Prime Minister of India delivers a speech to the nation on every 15th August, which is celebrated as the Independence day. Than we have Jama Masjid, Gauri Shankar temple, Jain Temple, Gurudwara Sis Ganj Sahib, Purana Quila and Salimgarh Fort which is just next to Red Fort. All the forts and palaces in Old Delhi belongs to Mughal regime and also comes in the UNESCE World heritage sites.

old delhi

To know more about the best tourist places to visit in Delhi have a look at GTC Blog.

2. Delhi Museums

A city which is full with stories of culture, tradition and emperors that it is impossible not to have any Museums.  Some of the finest Museums in Delhi are The National Rail Museum, Doll Museum and The National Museum which is one of the largest museums in the nation.

Delhi Museums

To know more about Delhi Museums have a look at http://timescity.com/delhi/venue/national-museum/5212

3. Delhi Memorials

Every foreign consulate who visit Delhi visits the Rajghat to pay his or her respect to the great Mahatma Gandhi. Rajghat is located at the banks of Yamuna river and is situated in a wonderful 4 Km green lush area. Have a look at this video on Rajghat

Apart from Rajghat one would also also visit the Nizamuddin Dargah to enjoy some amazing sufi music. The Nizamuddin Dargah is of a Muslim cleric but it welcomes peoples from every religion and faith. This dargah is a symbol of Delhi culture which open its hearts for all.

4. Modern day Markets

Shopping is now a tradition in Delhi which a traveller can’t resist. So some of the famous shopping destinations in Delhi are Chandhni Chowk in Old Delhi, connaught place market, Greater Kailash M block market and Dilli Haat. Have a look at this video to more about New Delhi Shopping spots.

Well I can write a complete book on Delhi sightseeing options but the above are some of my favourite destinations. So do explore them in your next Delhi trip.